Reviving Your Home Adds Charm and Value

Refreshing the functionality of a family’s most used gathering space, for kitchen remodeling Maryland provides a huge increase in value as well as aesthetics.

There is no doubt that even the best home interiors get stale after a while; and because of that, many often find themselves imagining change. Whether it be a new paint, windows, or kitchen counter tops, many look to transform and refresh their everyday life. Despite that a daily metamorphosis is often what one seeks, home renovation can also be financially beneficial.

This is why considerations in regard to home improvement should always include the home’s value. The last thing one needs is to make a change that depletes the market price of their most important asset. Because of this, homeowners should aim for accomplishing contemporary style utilizing alluring materials. This is especially true when looking to renovate kitchen areas, as most people see this space as the heart of the home. Refreshing the functionality of a family’s most used gathering space, for kitchen remodeling Maryland provides a huge increase in value as well as aesthetics. Although cabinetry and layout is important, replacing old counters is the most inexpensive way to improve environment while adding value.

Although any new counter top may do, value and functionality is much greater when choosing granite surfaces. Sure, laminate counters may have been the way to go in the sixty and seventies; but today, more elegant materials are best. Increasing a home’s value by upwards of 20%, granite kitchen surfaces can add more than $70,000 to a home with a current market of $300,000! Not bad for a simple counter update; but don’t be mistaken in thinking all non-laminate kitchen surfaces are created equal. Sure, quartz, marble, slate, and limestone are modern and alluring, but granite brings the highest value and provides perks others don’t offer.

The most appealing factor that granite provide involves cleanliness. Virtually seamless and coated with a durable, protective sealer, granite counters don’t harbor bacteria like other materials. Also, if treated properly using granite cleaner, the stone, unlike others, is much less susceptible to staining. Providing superior durability and scratch resistance, granite surfaces are also both cool enough to provide a perfect surface for rolling out baked goods and are capable of withstanding direct contact with hot pots and pans. Yes, granite removes the need for trivets and potholders that often frustrate the busy cook. It also adds a dimensionally, abstract focal point to your kitchen décor. Reflective and unique by the inch, granite is not only alluringly functional but also is an intriguingly interesting accent.

The other very important part of adding value through counter top replacement, or any other renovation, involves quality installation. Although asking your family’s token handyman to help sounds tempting and cheap, imperfections in home improvement are a common devaluation. The best way to approach home renovation is to select a local company with a upstanding reputation. By choosing a company close by, one not only is better able to ensure their reliability by asking around but also is able to ensure that the costs of the renovation will help benefit the local economy. If new counters or other home improvements sound like something worth serious consideration, take the time to call local contractors today. Most will provide free quotes, leaving one nothing to lose and everything to gain.