Polystyrene’s Real Potential Hasn’t Been Tapped

Believe it or not, when most people hear polystyrene they shake their head and say; “Do people really still use that stuff?” Polystyrene has gotten such a bad rap in the media that everyone seems to be pressured into banning it. This; however, is just an example of panic and ignorance. The ban, though it may serve as no more than a false sense of security, is not as beneficial as recycling it. A judge recently agreed, and overturned the New York foam ban of polystyrene in favor of recycling the product, instead.

A NYC judge realized that the want for the ban of foam coffee cups, plates and egg crates. She crushed the decision and refused the ban. She could not back misinformation about its recycling capability. This is what all the hype is about. There is a much better double-win situation at hand here.

Proposal for the City

The victory, will now pave the way for a major recycling initiative that will take care of 100% of the foam recycling in the city. This is a tall order but one they can fill. It would open new vistas in the Foam recycling business and this will create job opportunities in the city as well. This is where the double win comes in.

If all goes well this will prove to New York City Mayor De Blasio that the foam recycling program fits well into the plan he has to eliminate the waste by 90% and have nothing going to landfills by 2030. He also wants to expand the city’s organic curbside program by the end of 201

The Dollars and Cents of the Deal

The Dart recycling program would be the center of attention in the city if all goes the way it should for those who want this to take place. The ban would have given the city a deficit of 100 million. The recycling plan would be at zero cost to the tax payers. It would prove that expanded polystyrene foam can be recycled and will be a successful program. This, in and of itself should be the incentive to institute this program here and now.

It only stands to reason that any program of this magnitude that concerns this many people, would in fact be an example to other cities; not only in the United States but on the planet. They’ll be plenty of naysayers eating crow over this one—only, they’ll be eating it off of a former polystyrene recycled plate!