How many square feet per family member in a home?

The square footage for your home is much easier to calculate when you have Fortunebuilders student experts by your side. You should plan your home purchase based on this number, and you should remember that each part of the house is going to be easier to use when you have enough space for everyone. The best thing you can do is to plan accordingly based on the people in the family and how they are distributed in the house.

Conventional Wisdom

Conventional wisdom says that every person in the house needs about 500 square feet to be comfortable. You can make this purchase easily when you have the people in the house that are a normal family unit. Two parents and two kids will do well in a 2000 square foot house, but that could become a problem if you have many more kids. Not all families can afford a house that has 5000 square feet or more.

In-Law Suites

The in-law suite in a house only accounts for a few hundred square feet, but that gives someone the space they need to be comfortable. You do not need to add even more room to the house just because you need someone with an in-law suite. This few hundred square feet may not make the difference as long as the suite is there.

Kids Rooms

The kids rooms are often shared, and this can help you save space in your house. A family that has four kids can live quite well in 2000 square feet because the kids are sharing rooms. This is something you need to think about before you spend even more money on a house. You can actually spend less if you are planning the right way for your home purchase.


A home may not be as spacious as you think if the house has an extra room, office or bonus room. These rooms add to the square footage, but they may not offer enough living space for everyone. It is better if you are thinking about how you are going to get the family all the room they need while giving them their own space. A large office only helps one person, but you can find a house that has larger rooms for everyone.

This is going to help you with the home purchase process when you are trying to pick a house that is the right size. Consider this before buying.