Bathroom renovations from plumbing emergencies

Bathroom renovations from plumbing emergencies
A bathroom emergency can happen at any time. Several of the most frequent bathroom emergencies are clogged drains, frozen pipes, broken pipes, overflowing sewer lines and broken toilets. If any of these bathroom disasters happens in your home, you will likely need some bathroom renovations to repair the problem before it happens again.
Broken pipes or other leaks
First, you need to know where the main water shut off valve is for your bathroom. Sometimes a sink, toilet or bathtub may have its own shutoff valve. It’s best to turn the one on the leaking appliance first, then the main one before starting any bathroom renovations. Next, you have the option of either calling a plumber to get an estimate on the cost or repairs or trying to fix it yourself. You will likely need to do renovations such as installing new pipes or even a new appliance, and if the leak has been going on for a long time, it is also possible that parts of your flooring or wall could also need to be replaced.
Bathroom Clogs
Another common bathroom emergency is a clog. These can happen in a sink, tub, or even a toilet. Clogs may indicate your pipes need to be replaced as part of any renovations. There could be debris clogging them or they could be cracked or broken. You may need a plumber to find out what exactly is causing the issue and then you can get it fixed. If the clog is in your sewer system, you could be looking at major renovations needed to put in a new one.Panels Make Renovations EasierIf you are renovating your bathroom due to some sort of plumbing emergency, then one thing to consider that will make things easier in the future are easily accessible access panels. These will give access to your pipes and valves so that a plumber won’t have to totally tear up your walls if future repairs are needed. These access panels can be blended in to your new décor by making the access panel door from one of your new bathroom wall tiles.